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Daily Archives: May 25, 2021

A new play entitled (Research)

Continuous training and exercises for students of the Art Education Department in a new play entitled (Research) Faculty of Education / Media … under the supervision of Dr. Imad Hammoud Twaij, students of the fourth stage in the Department of Art Education for the evening study continue their training and …

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Opinion Commission

The Minister of Education directs the Opinion Commission, universities and government colleges with the following 1- Checking the applications for postgraduate studies and the entries of the scientific departments and branches. 2- Acceptance of students covered by the postponed extension to the year 2022/2021 and not postponing their studies 3- …

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Proactive researcher

Irbid Platform for Scientists, Experts and Researchers in Malaysia awards a teacher at the College of Education and a medal (proactive researcher) The College of Education / Media …. The Irbid platform awarded to scholars, experts and researchers in Malaysia, Dr. Aithar Abdul Mohsen Al-Mayahi, a medal (proactive researcher), in …

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