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Energy and renewable energy

Energy and renewable energy Today, the world is facing an unprecedented tipping point where climate change poses a real and imminent threat to the prosperity that many enjoy today and what millions aspire to and work towards tomorrow. But it goes beyond this, of course, because it’s just about surviving …

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The uniform in the view

The uniform in the view of Professor Abbas Noah Al-Moussawi, a teacher in the College of Education Uniform: A single type of clothing of uniform colors that covers the bodies of a group of people. Each sector of society has its own costume that they boast of and distinguishes them …

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Your Way to Success A seminar

Under the slogan “Your readiness for the exam. ” Your Way to Success A seminar for the students entitled ” Phobia exam” Prepared by Dr. Ithar Abdul Mohsen Al-Mayahi Dr. Kawakar Baqer Al-Fadaily Wednesday 23/01/2019 (psychological, mental and health preparation for examinations and instructions to overcome the phenomenon of fear of …

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Important Concepts for Leading Women

Important Concepts for Leading Women Dr. Nema Abd El Samad El Asadi E.Mail: The concept of leadership and management. – Successful models for women leaders. – Obstacles of women’s leadership. n Leadership: The process of organizing different businesses for individuals by planning, coordinating, directing and monitoring their efforts to …

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