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Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics Section Vision: The department aspires to achieve the highest levels of quality in its outputs both in terms of educational outputs, scientific outputs (research and writing) or social activities in providing the best services and programs to serve the community. Section Objectives: The department works to achieve …

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Department of Art Education

Section Vision: The department seeks to achieve excellence in the field of art education at the level of competitor and processions of the era of technology, creative and educational, achieving integration between all technical disciplines at the level of theory and practice. Section Objectives: Graduation cadres prepared educational and technical …

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Department of Quranic Sciences

Department of Quran Sciences in the Faculty of Mixed Education / University of Kufa Section Vision:  The Department of Quranic Sciences was opened this year, one of the departments that grant a bachelor’s degree in Quranic and Islamic Education. The Islamic community urgently needs to know the vaults of the …

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Department of English Language

Department of English Language   Section Vision: The Department of English was founded in the Faculty of Education / University of Kufa in 2009. It is one of the departments that grant bachelor’s degree in English language and literature. The department’s strategy meets the rapid requirements in the development of …

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