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Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

Section Vision:

The department aspires to achieve the highest levels of quality in its outputs both in terms of educational outputs, scientific outputs (research and writing) or social activities in providing the best services and programs to serve the community.

Section Objectives:

The department works to achieve the following objectives:     
1.Preparing educational outputs capable of performing their tasks in schools / Preparing educational outputs that are efficient for teaching mathematics in secondary schools.   
2. Filling the needs of secondary schools of specialists to teach mathematics.   
3.  Achievement of scientific reforms to solve problems in the competence of mathematics.   
4. Building and developing educational programs for teaching mathematics.    
5. Developing scientific findings in mathematics.  
6. Preparing and composing systematic books.   
7.  Contribution to social activities related to mathematics subjects.     
8. Carry out community development in training and advisory programs.

Section message

Spreading the culture of mathematics and eliminating the difficulties that hinder the learning of individuals to sports phenomena and build positive attitudes among members of the group towards the subjects of mathematics and mathematics specialists.


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