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Department of Art Education

Section Vision:

The department seeks to achieve excellence in the field of art education at the level of competitor and processions of the era of technology, creative and educational, achieving integration between all technical disciplines at the level of theory and practice.

Section Objectives:

Graduation cadres prepared educational and technical preparation commensurate with the needs of the community and the labor market and in order to qualify them to assess educational and technical goals.
1. Develop the internal quality system and obtain accreditation from official bodies to ensure the quality of education and academic accreditation.
2. Preparing and developing students educationally and scientifically, and making a qualitative shift in specialized learning programs to suit the Iraqi and Arab labor market.
3. Conduct research and studies in accordance with international standards in scientific research and improve the qualitative and quantitative outputs of the college to pursue postgraduate studies.
4. Developing a system for students to reflect modern trends in the calendar.
5. Develop the system of community services through the implementation of programs and educational activities and participate in solving the problems of society.
6. Establish cooperative relations with the graduates and try to involve them in the programs and activities of the local educational bodies.
7. Provide the material and human resources necessary to achieve the message.

Section message

– Develop and raise the capabilities of graduates technically and academically commensurate with the requirements of contemporary life and the labor market.
– To achieve an integrated educational environment that is conducive to imagination and creative thinking in all its forms and at the level of artistic production and professional development in specialization and openness to the contemporary world scientifically and technologically, technically and culturally, in order to achieve continuous knowledge and communication with innovators in the field of specialization.

About the Department:

 The Department of Art Education began to develop an integrated curriculum for the academic year 2016-2017. All the department’s members participate in implementing it to improve the scientific and technical level and thus meet the quality requirements.

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