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Department of Quranic Sciences

Department of Quran Sciences in the Faculty of Mixed Education / University of Kufa

Section Vision:

 The Department of Quranic Sciences was opened this year, one of the departments that grant a bachelor’s degree in Quranic and Islamic Education. The Islamic community urgently needs to know the vaults of the Holy Quran and to study the methods of developing the Quranic study to encompass the modern scientific movement. It is time and place, and the first document that can be known by Islam is the Koran, so it is the responsibility of young generations to assume responsibility and published and supported by science and work.

Message Section:

 The department adopts the project of dedicating Quranic materials in the creation of a constructive generation that protects religion and preserves the Sharia and the task of conveying these concepts to reality in order to convey the Qur’an to reality and build a society based on prosperity and civilization.

Section Objectives:

1- Qualifying a group of students who are aware and worthy of carrying the message of the Quran to the society and strengthening it with science and work.
2 – To create bonds between the students and the Koran in order to give the student greater opportunity to understand the teachings of the Koran and aware of the goal.
3 – To strengthen communication with the Qur’anic models of our media scholars who provided the Islamic cultural reality with their outstanding activities and great achievements.
4 – To urge the creation of the Koran and call on love and peace and renounce all forms of extremism and violence.

About the Department:

The Department of Holy Quran and Islamic Education opened in 2011 and was awarded a bachelor’s degree in the sciences of the Holy Quran and Islamic Education. Where graduates work in middle and middle schools.


عبادات اول النحوالثالث النحو الأول المنطق الثاني البلاغة ثالث السيرة أول السيرة ثاني العقائد الثالث علم التفسيرالثالث علم الحديث الأول فقه أحوال المرحلة الثالث اصول الفقه ثالث عقائد ثالث

وصف مقرر التربية العملية رابع فقه العبادات الاول فكر اسلامي رابع مقرر اعجاز الرابع مقرر الفقه الجنائي الرابع مقرر علم نفس النمو الثاني مقرر مقارنة اديان الرابع مقرر مناهج المفسرين ثاني مقرر_المجتمع_الاسلامي_المعاصر_ثالث مناهج المحدثين ثاني مناهج وطرائق الثالث


روابط التدريسيين روابط المواد الدراسية جدول اسماء بحوث التخرج 2020-2021 بحوث نخرج وورد

وصف البرنامج الاكاديمي الترميز الجديد ترميز المناهج الدراسية الوحدات الدراسية والمناهج وترميز المواد لقسم القرآن الوحدات الدراسية للعامين 2012 و 2013 المناهج الدراسية لجميع المراحل

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