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Nervous strain in exams causes and treatment

Nervous strain in exams, causes and treatment d. Iman Muslim Al-Jabri
In these brief lines, I say what I can say to help our sons and daughters pass the final exams with confidence, to achieve success and excellence, and to engage in providing services to the community.
It is noticeable in the exam hall that a psychological and neurological phenomenon is formed among some students who are enthusiastic for excellence, which is the state of nervous tension and destructive psychological anxiety, which leads the student to fail and fail due to his inability to remember, analyze and conclude. I say destructive because some anxiety is a positive product.
And I quote from the book (Let Worry and Start Living) in the sense that anxiety is of two types, one of which is positive, and it is born from motives of greed and desire to achieve perfection and the goal he plans for.

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