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Announces the instructions

The College of Education at the University of Kufa announces the instructions for the competitive examination for admission to postgraduate studies for the departments of Art Education and Computer Science for the academic year 2021/2022
1- The exam starts at nine in the morning on Monday, 21/6/2021
2- Arrive about an hour before the exam.
3- Bringing the personal identity of the applicant to the competitive examination, otherwise he is not allowed to enter the examination hall
4- Bringing the audited electronic form for those who did not submit it to the Department of Graduate Studies in our college.
5- Adopting the blue ballpoint pen only to answer in the exam notebook
6- Not to bring a mobile phone into the exam hall
7- Follow the health instructions of wearing paws and wearing a mask
Note that there is an interview for applicants after the exam.
wishing all happiness and success

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