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An introductory guide

The Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit at the College of Education issues an introductory guide on absence (motives and reasons)
The College of Education / Media … The unit of psychological counseling and educational guidance at the College of Mixed Education at the University of Kufa issued an introductory guide to absence (motives and reasons), and Dr. Muhammad Kazem Al-Fatlawi, the unit’s official, stated that the problem of absence is one of the problems that the university community suffers from because of its A negative impact on the student’s academic life and the cause of many of his achievement failures or behavioral deviations, adding that Al-Foulder addressed the reasons and motives behind the students’ absence and the frequent request for permission from lectures, including subjective motives represented in the student’s personality and psychological composition, including his preparations, abilities and tendencies that make him not accept work university, explained the guiding methods used by the counselor in dealing with students from advice and guidance, control of stimuli and treatment by insight.

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