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Opinion Commission

The Minister of Education directs the Opinion Commission, universities and government colleges with the following
1- Checking the applications for postgraduate studies and the entries of the scientific departments and branches.
2- Acceptance of students covered by the postponed extension to the year 2022/2021 and not postponing their studies
3- Continuing at the present time the electronic study at the level of undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
4- Commitment to the university calendar 2020/2021 and make preparations for the next academic year.
5- Coordination with education regarding preparing school students, overcoming obstacles to central admission, and organizing examination dates.

6- Forming ministerial committees for examinations and admission from the supervisory authority and the studies and research and development departments.
7 – Accelerate the procedures for the equivalence of certificates and equivalency examinations, according to specific times
8- Inspect and visit the corridors of universities, colleges, departments and branches, and follow up on the guards and the civil defense.

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