A new book

A teacher from the University of Kufa issues a new book entitled (Investigations in the modern and contemporary history of Iraq 1891 – 1960 AD … a historical study)

Faculty of Education / Media …. Professor Dr. Abdel-Al Waheed Abboud Al-Issawi, a teacher at the College of Education at the University of Kufa, issued a new book entitled (Investigations in the Modern and Contemporary History of Iraq 1891 – 1960 AD _ Historical Study). Seven investigations since the founding of the city of Khamisiyah during (1891-1916 AD) and the British occupation of it, as well as dealing with the reality of educational and health services and the most important social and economic developments, events and political realities in Iraq.
It is mentioned that Al-Issawi is a member of the Union of Arab Historians and has published five historical books, and has written many historical articles in the Iraqi press.

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