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A scientific research

The Dean of the College of Education participates in a scientific research in the hypothetical conference entitled “The Reference of Imam Al-Hassan on the Qur’an.”
College of Education / Media …. Dr. Sirwan Abdul-Zahra Al-Janabi, Dean of the College of Education at the University of Kufa, participated in the virtual scientific conference entitled “The Reference of Imam Al-Hassan, PBUH, and which was set up by the Holy Quran Center of the General Secretariat of the Alawite Holy Utility on the occasion of the birth of Imam Al-Hassan PBUH.” Al-Janabi means (endorsement) and Imam al-Hassan’s interpretation of it, as well as the opinions of other commentators. This conference witnessed the participation of Dr. Abdul Jalil Salem from Tunisia, Dr. Sheikh Faisal Al Awami from Saudi Arabia, Dr. Jamal Abdul Aziz from the Sultanate of Oman, Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Zaman from Syria and Dr. Ali Majeed Al-Badiri from Iraq .


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