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The First Programmer

The Dean of the College of Education at the University of Kufa honors the first winning students in the First Programmer Competition with the Shield of Academic Excellence
College of Education / Media …. The Dean of the College of Mixed Education at the University of Kufa, Dr. Sirwan Abdul-Zahra Al-Janabi, honored the top winners of the first programmer competition with the Shield of Scientific Excellence, in the presence of the Head of the Computer Science Department, Dr. Ali Al-Qazzaz and the Department’s Rapporteur, Assistant Lecturer, Baqer Mahdi Baqer, and the honor included Student Haider Kazem Odeh from the College of Education and student Zahra Karim Makki from the College of Education for Girls and student Zaid Awad from Imam Jaafar Al-Sadiq University, and Al-Janabi valued the efforts of distinguished students, stressing his support for all scientific activities that reveal creative students, and it should be noted that the competition was set up by virtually the Department of Science Computer in the College of Education.

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