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A virtual lecture

A teacher at the College of Mixed Education gives a virtual lecture on recent trends in science education
College of Education / Media …. Dr. Naama Al-Asadi, a teacher at the College of Mixed Education at the University of Kufa, gave a virtual scientific lecture in the workshop held at the Preparation and Training Department in the Directorate of Education in Najaf for science teachers and teachers. Practicing intellectual and manual skills in research and study, and the importance of preparing specialized cadres in science teaching. Al-Asadi is among the most important goals of science education that relate to developing students ’tendencies towards science and nurturing their scientific talents.
Creating positive feelings towards science and scientists, providing students with basic information in science and accustoming them to practicing scientific thinking, and the workshop recommended the necessity of training educational staff to apply modern ideas in science teaching, and encouraging creative students with scientific results by honoring and celebrating them, as well as holding workshops. Varied training.

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