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A dialogue session

The College of Education holds a dialogue session to exchange scientific experiences with Qom University
The College of Education / Media …. The College of Education at the University of Kufa held a dialogue session with the aim of scientific and cultural exchange and the organization of future scientific meetings on various directions with the College of Qur’an and Hadith Sciences at Qom University, including the exchange of scientific experiences in the field of primary and higher studies and the establishment of scientific conferences and workshops And seminars and consultants for scientific journals.
Dr. Sirwan Al-Janabi, Dean of the College, Dr. Mortada Al-Ardawi, Administrative Assistant, Dr. Hassan Al-Kaabi, Scientific Assistant, Dr. Ali Khudair Hajji, Dr. Kawakib Al-Fadhili, Dr. Amal Suhail, and Dr. Hajar Dweer participated in the dialogue.

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