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Scientific symposium

Dr. Ali Khudair Hajji gives a scientific paper in the scientific symposium on scientific treatments on cognitive effects of Mr. Abdullah Shubbar
The College of Education / Media … Dr. Ali Khudair Hajji, in cooperation with Dr. Amal Hussein Alwan, gave a scientific research in the scientific symposium held by the College of Education in cooperation with the Kadhimiya Holy Shrine entitled (Scientific Treatments for (The Hadith Problem) in the Perspective of Mr. Abdullah Shabar), in which he explained Mr. Abdullah Shabar (s) has a long history in the field of hadith studies and know-how, and he delved into the sciences of the noble hadith and among the various news and its problems, and Al-Hajji clarified that (the hadith problem) has a close relationship with a number of hadith sciences such as science of orthodoxy, the scribe of hadith and its abrogation, strange hadith and various the talk .

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