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An international conference

A teacher from the College of Mixed Education participates in an international conference on Allama Mortada Al-Mutahhari

The teacher at the Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa, Dr. Amal Suhail Al-Husseini, participated in the international international conference organized by the Martyr Al-Motahari Foundation in cooperation with scientific institutions and centers, under the title (A New Reading of Professor Al-Mutahhari’s Legacy in Facing Contemporary Issues) with a research entitled: Ethics of Murtada Al-Mutahhari and his criticism of Western moral theories Al-Husseini indicated that the research dealt with the discussion of Islamic morals in general, which the West replaced with empty morals that have no connection to morals, while Islam came with timeless moral theories capable of saving the world from the moral crises it is going through today that may reach this planet with unpleasant consequences.

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