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1/24/2021 Science and knowledge
Text of the speech of the Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa, Prof. Dr. Sirwan Abdul Zahra Al-Janabi, on the occasion of the Teaching and Learning Day
If knowledge is a path worth sacrificing and a path that must be provided with everything that is precious in life, then it can be said that our students, thanks to the wisdom of our esteemed ministry and the directives of the opinion committee, headed by His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education, have preserved this path from being lost and preserved a whole year of students’ lives. From dissipation and collapse, because last year was an eccentric, very stressful year dear to continuity and communication, due to the solutions of the Corona pandemic on our dear country, if our honorable students were forced to leave school and retire at home for fear of contracting the black epidemic, what called for our university to be between two things either Postponing the school year or moving forward with it despite the challenges and hard confrontations, But our ministry decided its matter and made its firm decision not to waste a year of knowledge and knowledge on the students, so the school year was under the title (Our Education Will Not Stop), and based on the Ministry’s decision, the University of Kufa, with its president and deanships, took the necessary measures to make this process successful in terms of (preparing the model system, arranging tables and distributing Academic materials are on the professors, adjusting the time for each lecture, and introducing some inexperienced teaching staff into quick courses and workshops in pursuit of mastery of electronic education), and accordingly the experiment was done thanks to God Almighty and the students achieved their success thanks to the wisdom of the decision, good performance, sobriety of management, strength of persistence and the splendor of the honorable professors ’treatment of patriarchy, care and compassion With their children students, and with this we thank God Almighty very much, as our last year was the year of education that will not truly stop.

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