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Honorable pause

Honorable pause
The Department of Art Education in the College of Mixed Education lights candles in honor of the martyrs of the bloody Baghdad bombings
The College of Education / Media … The teaching staff and students of the Art Education Department at the College of Mixed Education organized a pause in honor of the martyrs of the Tayaran Square bombings in Baghdad, during which Surat Al-Fatihah was read as a mercy for the souls of the innocent martyrs and lit candles of sadness in honor of their pure souls, and the assembled emphasized rows and standing In the face of the advocates of sectarianism, division and the fight against corruption in all its forms, the stance included the recitation of poems and poetic words that praised the love of the homeland and testimony for its cause, and the emphasis on uncovering the perpetrators and holding them accountable, providing security and safety for the Iraqi people, and supporting the efforts of the security services of all kinds and formations.

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