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Etiquette related

Etiquette related to desired behavior in the digital virtual world
Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and may God bless Muhammad and his pure family
Dear student, dear student ..
Here is a set of etiquette related to the required behavior in the digital virtual world, hoping to read it and adhere to it, namely:
# Follow the teachings and manners of the true Islamic religion and the prevailing national norms and traditions.
# Not to violate the laws of the relevant country.
# The use of classical Arabic and orthography in electronic participation.
# Accuracy in transmitting and using the noble Qur’anic verses and the noble Prophet’s hadiths, and the sayings of the infallible ,
Staying away from racism, sectarianism, hateful tribalism, slander, slander, insulting, insulting and detracting from others and their efforts.
Respect the other party and choose words and phrases that are most appreciative and respectful of the addressee.
 Dealing with kindness and accepting other opinions and constructive criticism from others.
 The serious and direct relationship with the topic of discussion, objectivity, clarity and brevity.
Not to photograph students, professors, or the contents of the education platform, and to share them in social media applications / platforms, whether by students or teachers, to avoid legal accountability.
 Beware of some behaviors that may pose a threat to the security and confidentiality of information, such as:
1. Clicking on unknown links because they could be phishing links.
Respecting the laws and intellectual property rights and copying, clarifying the references and sources used, and avoiding scientific theft of the electronic works and activities that are presented.
It is prohibited to publish any incomplete, wrong or inaccurate information about yourself or others.
 Not publishing personal data such as names, contact information, and addresses, and not marketing to any party.
 Not to electronic fraud – so that another person carries out the work assigned to the student – when submitting activities, assessments and electronic tests, and penalties will be applied according to the stipulated regulations.
I ask God Almighty to you, dear beloved, for continued success
Dr.. Muhammad Kazem Al-Fatlawi / Head of the Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit

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