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A scientific workshop

The Department of Mathematics at the College of Mixed Education holds a scientific workshop entitled (The Transactions Space for Riemann Surfaces)
The College of Education / Media …. The Mathematics Department at the College of Mixed Education at the University of Kufa held a scientific workshop entitled (Transactions Space for Rayman Surfaces), which included a lecture given by Dr. Hayam Kazim, in which she spoke about Riemann surfaces and their uses in the subjects of mathematics, physics and the rest of science. And its dependence in its composition on the number of gaps and its constituent points, indicating the goal of determining the class of Riemann surfaces in terms of properties and composition of the equivalent rows in the transactional space, which is characterized by being a continuous and non-compact space and not a space (Hawes Dorf), due to the separation of the equivalence rows in its structural structure within a space Transactions.

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