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Discussion of the MA thesis

Discussion of the MA thesis of the student Kawthar Muhammad Jassim Al-Khuwailidi
College of Education / Media …. A master’s thesis was discussed in the Department of Art Education of the student Kawthar Muhammad Jassim Al-Khuwaildi in the College of Mixed Education at the University of Kufa on her tagged thesis (The effectiveness of higher mental programs in developing the performance skills of students in the subject of theater acting from the point of view of the teachers)
The discussion committee consisted of
Assistant Professor Dr. Kazem Jabara Sultan as Chairman
Assistant Professor Dr. Idris Alwan Kazem as a member
Assistant Professor Dr. Amer Muhammad Hussain as a member
Prof. Dr. Qabas Ibrahim Mohamed as a member and supervisor
Assistant Professor Aseel Abdel Khaleq Muhammad, a scientific evaluator
Prof. Dr. Sadiq Fawzi Al-Najadi is linguistically based

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