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Master’s student in the College of Arts

A teacher from the University of Kufa – College of Education participates in the discussion of a graduate / master’s student in the College of Arts
College of Education / Media ……… Head of the Department of English Language for Morning Study at the College of Education – University of Kufa, Professor Diaa Karim Ali, participated in the discussion of the master’s thesis for the student (Maarif Jamil Thamer) at the College of Arts – University of Kufa about her tagged message Titled:
(A pragma-Rhetorical Study of Persuasion in English and Arabic Advertisement).
The discussion committee consisted of the teaching staff:
Prof. Dr. Ghanem Jaweed Idan as Chairman
– a. M. Dr.. A pioneer inside Karim. Member
– M. Dr.. Diaa Karim Ali is a member
Prof. Dr. Siham Mohamed Hassan. Member and moderator
The message has been approved with a satisfactory degree. The discussion took place at the hall of the martyr Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr (Quds) in the College of Arts

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