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Information technology

A teacher from the College of Education participates in the international conference on the use of information technology in light of the current conflicts and crises

The College of Education / Media … Dr. Aithar Al-Mayahi, a teacher at the College of Mixed Education at the University of Kufa, participated in the International Conference on the Use of Information Technology in Light of the Current Conflicts and Crises – Distance Education as a Model, which was established by Soliman International University in Turkey in partnership with the International Union of Historians and Sidi University Mohammed bin Abdullah in Morocco.

Al-Mayahi mentioned that the conference dealt with many axes, the most important of which is the strategy of employing information technology in distance learning for all stages and scientific, technical and literary disciplines, the role of international organizations in providing the requirements for digital transformation in education, as well as the specificity of using technological applications, and the role of distance learning in addressing the phenomenon School dropout during the Corona crisis.

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