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Camille bin Ziyad, his life and standing

Camille bin Ziyad, his life and standing:
Prof. Kwakib of Ahmed al-Fadhli
Department of Quranic Sciences and Islamic Education
College of Education – University of Kufa
First: his name and lineage:
Camille bin Ziyad, Camille bin Abdullah or bin Abdul Rahman bin Nahik bin Haitham and Qayel bin Khaytham bin Saad bin Malik bin Al Harith bin Sahban bin Saad bin Malik bin Al Nakha bin Jisr bin Jameel bin Malad bin Malik bin Adad al-Nakha’i al-Kufi. This is due to his stay with his tribe in Kufa after their emigration from Yemen upon their conversion to Islam and their participation in the Islamic conquests, as he was called al-Nakha’i in relation to his tribe.
• Secondly: His birth: Kamil bin Ziyad al-Nakha’i Al-Kufi was born in Yemen in 7 years before the migration. He became a younger Muslim and realized the Prophet (PBUH). It was said that he did not see him. He traveled with his tribe to Kufa at the beginning of the spread of Islam. He appeared on the Islamic scene during the era of Uthman, as he was one of the members of the delegation coming from Kufa to protest the actions of the Wali of Kufa at Uthman.
Third: Islamization:
The sources that translated him did not mention a specific date for his Islam and at the hand of Islam, but they mentioned that he was contemporary with the Islamic call, because his family converted to Islam when the Messenger (PBUH) of Imam Ali (PBUH) sent in the tenth year of migration to the people of Yemen to invite them to Islam, and this indicates that He was born a Muslim.
Fourth: His standing in his people:
Kamil bin Ziyad (may God be pleased with him) had a prominent position in his people, as historical sources stated that he was: (an honorable and obedient in his people), due to his knowledge, piety, and the wisdom of his mind and his management of things.
Fifth: His loyalty to Imam Ali, peace be upon him:
Camille bin Ziyad (may God be pleased with him) from the companions of the Imam, peace be upon him bin Abi Talib, and from the choice of his Shiites and his private and devoted lovers and close associates, is steadfast in his funeral, little talk, which indicates his hedge and warns him of the novel except with authentication of it, his status reached (may God be pleased with him) From Imam Ali (PBUH), the status of Salman Al-Muhammadi, may God be pleased with him, from the Messenger (PBUH).
Sixth: His knowledge and piety:
Kamil bin Ziyad, may God be pleased with him, was on a high level of knowledge and knowledge, and his knowledge was not limited to one science, but he was conversant in various aspects of knowledge where many of the question was from Imam Ali (PBUH) in various matters, and the Imam (PBUH) answered him about it And he cares about it, not a poison in his scientific and juristic questions, and it may provide him with great sciences, control, and absences, and whoever narrates the dilemmas about him.
Kamil bin Ziyad, may God be pleased with him, has been described as having been of a great degree of piety and faith, and he was known for his frequent reading of the Holy Qur’an until it was said about him that his lips do not turn away from the recitation of the Qur’an. He was also famous for his justice, majesty, his prestige, and he was one of the hermits of his time and the virtues of his time, and he was very careful in all his affairs, especially in his faith and religion.
Seventh: Kamil from Al-Thaqafa:
Camille was one of the trustworthy leaders of the Commander of the Faithful Ali bin Abi Talib (PBUH) and his properties and his work on “Heet”. He revolted against Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf Al-Thaqafi and fought a heavy fight. Al-Thaqafi for his love and loyalty to the Commander of the Faithful (AS).
Seventh: Those who narrated about them:
Ibn Hajar said in the injury narrated on the authority of Omar, Ali, Ibn Masoud and others, and Ibn Saad said in his classes he narrated on the authority of Othman, Ali, Ibn Masoud and Abi Hurairah, and the like mentioned Abu al-Fida in the Badia, the end and Asqalani. In the refinement of refinement.
• Eighth of the narrators about him: The author of the refinement of politeness mentioned him narrated by Abu Ishaq Al-Subaie, Al-Abbas bin Dhra’i, Abdullah bin Yazid Al-Sahbani, Abdul Rahman bin Abis, Al-Amash and others.
Al-Dhahabi said in his balance: It was narrated by Abbas bin Durei and Abdul Rahman bin Ziyad. In the injury, Abd al-Rahman bin Abis, Abu Ishaq al-Subaie, Al-Amash and others narrated.
• Ninth: What was narrated by Kamil bin Ziyad, may God be pleased with him, on the authority of Imam Ali, peace be upon him: Imam Ali (PBUH) possessed intellectual and scientific qualifications that contributed in one way or another to spread awareness among Muslims in all areas of life, through the mediation of what he transmitted and what his companions transmitted Think about it, and among them was Kamil bin Ziyad, may God be pleased with him, who left a treasure trove of Muslims after generations after Imam Ali (PBUH) and took many sciences and knowledge from him, and his religion required him to transfer this intellectual heritage to be a good for generations. Kamil bin Ziyad, may God be pleased with him, narrated a series of hadiths and news from Imam Ali (PBUH).
Tenth: His honorable age:
Al-Asqalani said in refining politeness, I said and Ibn Abi told a tent that he heard Yahya bin Mu’in say: Camille died in the eighty-eight years and he is seventy years old.
Al-Madaini said Camille died eighty-two years and he is ninety years old.
• Eleven: his death:
What Jerry narrated from Al-Mughira, he said: When the pilgrims’ guardian asked Kamil Bin Ziyad, he fled from him, so his people forbade their giving, so when Camille saw that, he said: I am an old sheikh who has run out of my life. To him: I would have loved to find a way for you, so Camille said to him; Do not spend * on your teeth and do not destroy me * Faw Allah, what is left of my life except like dirt * dust, so I spend what you judge, then the date is God and after killing the reckoning, the Commander of the Faithful has told me Ali bin Abi Talib (PBUH) that you are my killer. He said: The pilgrims said to him: Then the argument is against you, then Camille said: That is if the judiciary was to you, he said: Yes, you were the one who killed Uthman bin Affan, strike His neck, I hit his neck.

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