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Takfir movements leading to the ISIS

Takfir movements leading to the ISIS
Prof. Kwakib of Ahmed al-Fadhli
Department of Quranic Sciences and Islamic Education
College of Education – University of Kufa
First: The emergence of the penance movement (the Kharijites stage)
Kharijites in the language: departure from a certain group, in other words, separation.
Reform: A number of researchers agreed that the Kharijites were the ones who came out to Imam Ali, peace be upon him, in Haroura and Nahrawan, and those who belonged to them later.
And the Kharijites are a movement that appeared during the reign of Imam Ali (PBUH). This movement occurred in the battle of Sefin, which occurred between Imam Ali (PB) and behind the Iraq Army, and with Muawiyah, and behind him the Levant Army in the month of Ramadan of the year 35 corresponding to 657AD, when before the Imam, peace be upon him, began Arbitration of the Qur’an in the conflict between him and Muawiyah, a position rejected by many Iraqis and because of him who succeeded in their caliph. They named those who came out before them with the Kharijites. In the year 38, when Imam Ali Al-Khawarej was killed To him, O Commander of the Faithful perished people may all said, (p) Both God and they are in the sperm Aslab men and women whenever decisions star of them a century cut until the last of them thieves Slabn)
Second: The Juristic Endoscopy Stage (Salafi Stage)
The establishment of strict Salafism is due to the strict sect, which is one of the most important Islamic schools of thought for non-Imami Muslims, who are Hanbalis, and we can know about them as:
Hanbali: Originally following the jurisprudence of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (T), but some Hanbali became independent with a special creed they attributed to Ahmad, as the Hanbali were without the rest of the other doctrinal doctrines distributed on various doctrines and different fundamentalist doctrines, some of them were Ash’ari *, and some of them were Sufi * Believes in the doctrines of unity of existence and other doctrines of Sufism and among them follow some of the Salaf in their beliefs and their views, and these so-called Salafists appeared in the fourth century AH and they were from the Hanbali and they claimed that the sum of their views ends forward Ahmed bin Hanbal, who revived the doctrine of the predecessor and defended it and then renewed its appearance in the seventh century AH The hand of Ibn Taymiyyah The one who revived this doctrine and stressed the call for him

Third: The theoretical stage (Wahhabi stage)
Wahhabism: Wahhabism was nothing new about what Ibn Taymiyyah invented in the eighth century AH after he almost became forgotten, but Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab revived it again in the second part of the twelfth century AH, that is, from 1160 to 1207, which he fulfilled Term in it.
He revived it in the area from which the Messenger Muhammad (PBUH) warned of, which is the region of Najd. Ibn Imran narrated on the authority of the Messenger of God (PBUH) he said: “Oh God, bless our Shamna and in our Yemen and in our find, he said: there are earthquakes and temptations and with it the horn of Satan rises”
Wahhabism was atoning for believers, so they claimed that visiting the grave of the Prophet (PBUH) and pleading with it, the prophets, the saints and the righteous, and visiting their graves to be blessed, and the call of the Prophet (PBUH), the prophets, the saints and the righteous when pleading with them is a snare.
Fourth: The jihadi organization stage (the Muslim Brotherhood stage):
Fifth: the stage of combat development (the stage of al-Qaeda)
Al-Qaeda or Al-Qaeda: Al-Qaeda in Iraq appeared in the name of the Tawhid and Jihad Group founded by Ahmed Fadil al-Khalayleh, famous by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, in response to the American invasion of Iraq, as America has established military bases in some countries of the Islamic world, and the Jihad and Tawhid Group has publicly announced its stand against The American presence in the Arab and Islamic region after the American occupation of Iraq in early April 2003.
The primary goal of al-Qaeda is to remove the American polytheists primarily as the presence and influence of the Arabian Peninsula and the conflict with the Crusader and Jewish West. Yes, the confrontation with the Jews took place as a slogan and not as a reality. As for the establishment of the state, it was a distant goal of al-Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda’s thought focuses on the theory and concept of Ibn Qutb, which says that many who are said to be Muslims have become among the apostates (the modern ignorance, which not only gives the jihadists a legal loophole to kill other Muslims) but it has made it a legally enforceable matter and among those alleged apostates leaders of Islamic countries Because they have changed the law. Wahhabism played a central role with the CIA in establishing Al Qaeda through the Saudi delegate, Osama bin Laden, to Afghanistan.
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was one of his followers in Afghanistan and the first founder of the Al Qaeda branch in Iraq.

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