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The effectiveness of educational units proposed

The effectiveness of educational units proposed using knowledge maps to obtain educational curricula subject for students of the Faculty of Basic Education
M. Ether Abdul Mohsen Al-Mayahi
Department of Quranic Sciences and Islamic Education in the College of Education
The idea of ​​the research is based on the use of an integrated learning in which the learner is the center of the educational process, whereby education in this case is responsible for making the learner think effectively and well to deal with the increasing and accelerating information day after day. And the learner faces many problems in his scientific and practical life, and solving these problems needs a mind capable of thinking in an intelligent way to provide multiple solutions to the problems it faces. And the use of modern teaching methods and strategies that increase the effectiveness of teaching and raise the achievement level of students … In order to improve the educational process, it is necessary to work on using appropriate methods and teaching methods that support modern directions in the educational process that make the student the focus of the educational educational process … The researcher believes that The importance of research (Importance of the Research) came as a result of the tremendous amount of knowledge and rapid developments in various fields of science. The primary concern of educators is how to help the learner to keep pace with these developments. And the researcher believes that one of the most important goals of any educational system is to bring about integration, inclusion and coordination between the different aspects of growth for students, to reach the goals of the educational process. And that modern education seeks to confirm the role of students in the educational process, therefore educational curricula must keep pace with scientific and technological development, social changes, age requirements and the needs of the learner ….

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