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Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa, aimed at reaching a global accreditation through the adoption of international standards for quality assurance and accreditation, and through contact organizations for Academic Accreditation International for the latest up-to-the world in this area, where the University of Kufa par with international universities have become in the field of quality assurance and accreditation academic and after obtaining the first rank at Iraqi universities in this area, and in order to fit in the presence of our college within this prestigious academic institution the college is seeking to obtain international accreditation from one of the international organizations in this field.

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Miss : Sabah Hassen Kirmasha

Incharge of The Division of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance

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Objectives and tasks of the unity of accreditation and quality in the College of Education


    Meet the qualification requirements for academic programs at the college for academic accreditation.
Improving performance, and skills in various aspects of the educational process.
Dissemination of quality at the level of faculty, students and administrative staff culture.
Promote the values ​​of the university to work as one team.
Achieve the mission and objectives of the College of Education in striving to graduate students in various disciplines offered equipped with all the theoretical and practical knowledge to serve the nation and society within the highest international standards in education.

Tasks :

    Develop a plan to improve the quality and level of development and follow-up implemented in phases during the academic year.
Rehabilitation of various college programs for academic accreditation and meet the requirements of the Deanship of quality and skills development and the National Assessment and Accreditation.
Coordination and cooperation with quality and skills development department to implement the university qualification requirements for academic accreditation.
Forums provide the content and implementation of the Quality Plan axes college as a way of always working throughout the academic year and tasked to submit an annual plan for quality and operational plan.
A review of all quality works departments and the development of periodic reports that offer college dean for master for Development and Quality for measuring performance.
Organize workshops for faculty, students, administrators and faculty staff and provide them with the necessary guidance to achieve quality work according to the principles and standards adopted by the National Commission for Academic Accreditation.
Attend conferences, seminars and workshops related to quality and development inside and outside the university.
Electronic archiving of all quality faculty work.

The future plan for the unity of quality assurance in the College of Education

    Establishment of a system of comprehensive quality assurance and academic accreditation in college academic departments and management.
Establish requirements and provide the success of the quality system and Accreditation in college.
Providing support and assistance to those working in the field of quality improvement at the college level.
Preparation of specifications and good performance indicators to measure and redressal mechanisms.
Preparation needed to provide evidence and evidence of quality databases.
Incorporation of continuous comprehensive evaluation system.
Preparing strategic plans to improve quality.
Prepare periodic reports on the quality mode.
Improve the image of the performance of the college administrators and workers there.
Put the timeline for the implementation of processes to improve quality and academic accreditation in academic departments, according to the programs and strategies to improve the quality certified and the requirements of the National Authority for Assessment and Accreditation and the results of the self evaluation plan.
Follow up the progress of sub-committees quality departments work according to the timeline prepared and presented in calendar accomplish the tasks entrusted to them and address what may face difficulties or obstacles.
Coordination between the work of the subcommittees and unite their efforts, especially in the tasks and requirements, rules and procedures to be consolidated at the college level.
Overseeing all business related to improving quality sections and to do good and proper incorporation of the system of quality management and assurance and continuity in the academic department.
Development of performance specifications for good department and practices.
Preparation quality performance indicators for each business and the tasks undertaken by the section to include, but not limited to measurable indicators and tool courses, programs and teaching methods, calendar and practical training and the results of student learning and the quality of output with the design of all the forms and models needed to measure performance.
Foreign determine the measurement reference indicators against which to measure the quality of each department and building external partnerships with global views the level of cooperation with the upgrading of the quality of performance.
Identification and design of a database of quantity and quality required for monitoring and recording of evidence and the evidence of the quality of the performance of each department in charge of all the tasks for them.
Develop a system of comprehensive and continuous evaluation of the performance of each department in charge of all the tasks completed
The completion of self-assessment for each section on a regular basis to identify strengths and weaknesses and areas of improvement required studies.
Completion of all necessary to obtain the college programs requirements on accreditation.
Preparation of development and improvement plans and follow up their implementation and evaluation.
Implementation regard to any section of programs and strategies to improve quality.
Complete with respect to each section of the National Authority for Assessment and Accreditation requirements, according to the criteria and indicators prepared by it, with a focus on the fourth criterion (Learning and Teaching).


College of Education / Media ..... announced Deanship of the Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa, the launch of the electronic document graduating students from its divisions and scientific project (Quranic sciences, computer science, technical education, English language), this is a blessing, said Dr. Asadi Scientific Associate at the college that the goal of the project is to keep pace with the evolution of the wheel technological progress witnessed by the world as well as the best use of time and effort, for its part indicated programmed visions Khalidi designed the project, said the document will start work in 2017 after he completed the design and programming of electronic document and attached Balmastr chit business.

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