Congratulations to the graduates admitted to the Master's degree in the Department of English for the academic year 2018

College of Education / Information ... The Deanship of the Faculty of Education and Presidency of the English Language Department offers congratulations and congratulations to the graduates who are:
1 - Ahmed Hussein Abdul Amir.
2 - the knowledge of Jamil Thamer.
3 - The magic of Caesar Hadi.
4 - Asra Ali Abdul Hussein.
On the occasion of admission to postgraduate studies / University of Kufa - Faculty of Arts for the academic year 2017 - 2018 ..
To obtain a master's degree in English language and literature ..
With wishes for success and success ..
Deanship of Faculty of Education

Note: The above four graduates were admitted to graduate studies out of 5 ... ie 80% of students accepted ...

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