Direct acceptance controls

Faculty of Education / Information ... The Faculty of Education at the University of Kufa announced the direct admission controls

in the Department of Art Education for the academic year 2017-2018, Dr. Naima al-Asadi, scientific assistant to the college, said that the students of the preparatory school in their branches (scientific and literary) can apply for admission to the Department of Art Education according to the central admission mechanism. A special special code will be allocated in the department for the code of the College of Education - Kufa University. About 60%.

The students of the following channels: (graduates of the institutes of Fine Arts at a rate of not less than 60% / graduates of the vocational study - the branch of applied arts at a rate of not less 60% / talented students of graduates of the scientific and literary branches of not less than 55% To submit according to the mechanism of direct acceptance ...

And that the date of application for direct admission will start from 8/8/2017 and for one month only. Asadi added that all applicants are subject to competitive examination on the basis of (55%) of the student rate and (45%) to the degree of competitive testing. Direct Acceptance Regulations and Conditions 2017-2018 specify the general conditions for submission.

The required documents for submission
1- A preparatory study document or endorsement of graduation indicating the total, the rate and the grades of the courses.
2 - personal documents photocopy or national card.
3 - Picture number 1
4-FILE + Registration Form (required by the Cloning Office at the College)
5- Examination Card / Cloning.


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