Victory and the liberation

Faculty of Education / Information ... The Faculty of Education participated in the celebration held by the University of Kufa

in celebration of the declaration of great victory and the liberation of Mosul from the sticks of the terrorist da'eef which included a speech by the President of the University of Kufa Professor Mohsen Al-Dhalmi and the giving of poems and poetic poems and congratulated Dean of the Faculty of Education Dr. Wissam Al-Mutairi and cadres And the Iraqi people and the security forces of all types and the popular crowd on the occasion of the announcement of the great victory to liberate Mosul from the gangs of terrorist advocates, Al-Mutairi said that these victories would not have been achieved. Nor the fatwa of Sayyid al-Sistani (his shadow) with the efficient jihad and quick response of the Iraqi people and the sacrifices of the righteous martyrs, and their pure and pure blood which was drawn in letters from the light of the history of a new Iraq.


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