Modern schools

College of Education / Media .... In the presence of a number of academic, religious, official and cultural figures

and a number of students and teaching, Dr. Ali Khudair Hajji taught at the Faculty of Education, University of Kufa, a lecture entitled (Modern schools in Iraq - its features, methods, methods), The most significant of the modern schools in Iraq (Baghdad, Najaf, Al-Hafla, Karbala, Basra and Kufa), its significance, its people, its men, its ideological and jurisprudential methods, its impact and its impact on others, and the most prominent founders of these schools, Dr. Hasan Al-Zubaidi, Administrative Assistant to the President of the University of Kufa congratulated the university on Dr. Ali Khudair Hajji on the occasion of receiving the title of professor. For his part, Professor Sami Al-Zuhawi, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Education, praised the scientific achievement of the College. Al-Hajji has published researches, publications and publications, and extensive participation in seminars and scientific conferences, scientific and administrative committees, and committees for discussion of graduate studies, and a number of administrative positions.


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