Workshop 2

Faculty of Education / Information ... The College of Education at the University of Kufa organized the second workshop

on how to teach the new English language curriculum in secondary schools, attended by the Vice Dean of the College Professor Sami Al-Zuhawi and a number of students and students in the fourth stage in the English language department. The purpose of the workshop is to develop the abilities and capabilities of students in the applied classroom, how to connect them with the course material in the future and the easiest methods and modern educational methods, as well as identify the difficulties and obstacles facing them and how to address them, adding that the workshop included a joint lecture for the teacher Assistant of Zulfiqar Al-Hamdani and the school of Virgin Al-Fatlawi, in which he outlined the steps of developing the educational aspect of modern curricula, the mechanism of using activities, activities and skills in teaching methods, and speaking through theoretical and practical aspects to the means to be used to motivate students to learn English. Al-Hamdani in his participation and cooperation with the College in order to develop ways of teaching the new English language curriculum in secondary schools.


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