Ways to strengthen learning

Faculty of Education / Media ... In the presence of the scientific assistant to the President of the University of Kufa

Professor Mohsen Hassan Abadi and the Undersecretary of the Dean of the Faculty of Education Professor Sami Al-Dhahabawi and a number of teachers, researchers and students, organized a faculty of education lecture entitled (ways to strengthen students' learning), delivered by Mr. Abbas Noah Mousawi, In terms of the reinforcement and its external and internal sources of physical, social and symbolic reinforcements, positive and negative reinforcement measures, indicating strategies for the use of reinforcement. Al-Moussawi touched on the importance of feedback in the aspects of motivation, guidance, Dr. Al-Abbahawi congratulated the University of Kufa for the lecturer Mr. Abbas Al-Moussawi for his professorship. For his part, Al-Sahbawi said that Al-Moussawi is one of the outstanding competencies in the Faculty of Education and contributed to teaching, scientific research and community service clearly through his scientific contribution in various scientific forums, Many publications, wishing him more success and lasting tender.


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