Dean’s Word

faculty of Education / Dean’s Speech for Academic Year (2017-2018)


      In the name of God the Merciful .. Peace and blessings be upon the Master of Prophets and Messengers Muhammad and on the puree and good companions.
With the beginning of this new academic year, we offer our condolences to the Islamic world on the occasion of the martyrdom of the Prophet's tribe (PBUH), who recorded the names of the virtues of sacrifice and sacrifice for reform in the nation of his grandfather.
As we begin our new academic year, we draw inspiration from these sacrifices and from their immortal journey to make every effort to make it a successful academic year.
God dear and based on the strength and energies and support of the members of the teaching staff in the departments.
And the good work of the faculty staff in the college to provide the highest possible work of fruitful and successful potential available in the College, supported by the continuous support of the University, headed by the President of the University to respect these potential.
On this day, we call upon our dear students to persevere, diligently and diligently in their educational attainment and knowledge in areas that provide them with opportunities for excellence and scientific discrimination in their field of specialization and positive interaction with their fellow students.
And in cooperation and interaction with the teaching staff and technicians to overcome the scientific difficulties. And departmental departments to create a productive scientific study atmosphere.
I wish everyone success and fulfillment in their tasks and work. God grants success.


M. Sami Kazem Al-Zbhawi
Head of Computer Science Department
Brigadier General 2017/2018

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