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Definition of representation Art

Prof.Dr. Qabas Ibrahim / Department of Art Education – Faculty of Education Definition of representation Art Aristotle mentioned in his book the art of poetry that art is a tradition of nature. The word (art) language means (adorn the thing) and the word (like) language means (become like him), so …

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Fobia exam

Fobia exam Under the slogan (Your readiness for the exam. Your way to success) Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research University of Kufa Faculty of Education Preparation Teaching: Dr. Eithar Abdul Mohsen Al Mayahi Curricula and methods of teaching science Instructions to overcome the fear of exams and how …

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the Holy Quran

Reasons for the reluctance of young people to recite and manage the Holy Quran Dr.. Dargham Al – Madani / Department of Quranic Sciences and Islamic Education  What is reluctance?  Types of reluctance in the Koran.  Effects of abandonment and abandonment of the glorious book.  Reasons for …

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Technology and Information

Technology and Information in the New Economy M. ِAmar Al Athary Free Membership Department of Computer Science The definition of the new economy Economic sectors mainly based on the production and use of technology, information and human capital in various productive and service activities. New Economy Industries Products Modern technology …

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Ethics of the Holy Shrine Dr. Neama Abdul Samad Al-Asadi E.Mail: [email protected] Themes of the lecture: – Reboot. – Professional Ethics: Concept. – Sources, species. – Administrative corruption: concept, species. – Debate . In the name of of Allah the Merciful (O Father, hire him, but the one who …

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Modern schools in Iraq

Modern schools in Iraq : features, methods, curricula Ali Khudair Jassem Haji Schools – Basra School – Kufa School – Baghdad School – Najaf Al-Ashraf School – Hilla School – Karbala SchoolThe Importance of Modern Schools – The knowledge of the narrators’ countries is of great significance through this knowledge …

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