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Modern schools in Iraq

Modern schools in Iraq : features, methods, curricula Ali Khudair Jassem Haji Schools – Basra School – Kufa School – Baghdad School – Najaf Al-Ashraf School – Hilla School – Karbala SchoolThe Importance of Modern Schools – The knowledge of the narrators’ countries is of great significance through this knowledge …

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Ways to strengthen student learning

Ways to strengthen student learning (reinforcement and feedback) Abbas Noah Suleiman Al-Musawi Professor of Educational Psychology Ways to strengthen student learning (reinforcement and feedback) Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (PBUH) said that if your hand is short of reward, your tongue will thank Reinforcement. Behavior in later times. Feed Back …

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The dogmatism

The dogmatism and its relation to the academic compatibility of students of the Department of Art Education Qabas Ibrahim Mohammed Ph.D., University of kufa Assistant ProfessorKufa University – Faculty of Education – Department of Art Education – It sheds light on the reality of students of the Department of Art …

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Managing the personal appearance

Managing the personal appearance of the university student. Farah al-Fadhli Objective: u To become a student able to manage his or her personal appearance by employing the skills of art of etiquette, body language, and self-development. These are some of the rules that help you: u1 – accept yourself as …

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The lesson of linguistics

The lesson of linguistics among Orientalists and Arabic linguists is the grammatical approach. Dr. Faris Hassan Mohsen The Faculty of Education / University of Kufa The Orientalist curriculum is one of the most important factors that lead to the study of the Arabic language in the light of a new …

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