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Gender and Physical Violence

Faculty of Education participates in a discussion session on gender-based and physical violence
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Dr. Wiam al-Bayyati, head of the Dept of English at the Faculty of Education/ University of Kufa, and a human rights activist, has participated in the dialogue session (focus group) on gender-based and physical violence, organized by Internews and the Centre of Women for Progress, within the project of Women’s Voices. Al-Bayyati mentioned that the session dealt with the extent to which the media handled the issue of the victims of gender-based violence and the degree to which they were involved in, as well as the motives of informational defamation by some media outlets against some women, especially the activists. Al-Bayyati added that the session touched on the role of media and civil society in reducing gender-based violence and the legal mechanisms for reducing cybercrime and extortion through social networking.

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