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Lect. Hiyam’s Publication

A scientific research published for lect.  Hiyam Hasan Kadhim in the Journal  of Advanced Research in dynamical and Control Systems
    The Journal of Advanced Research in dynamical and Control Systems has published a research about the dynamical and control systems for Ms Hiam Hasan Kadhim, the lecturer at the Faculty of Education/ University of Kufa, about the smooth fundamental groups.
Research Title: Smooth Fundamental Groups
    The smooth fundamental group theory is one of the most important methods used in resolving uncertainties in various life problems. Lately, there is a number of theories to solve these problems, such as the theory of smooth groups. In this study, the concept of the smooth fundamental groups is defined. For this purpose, the researcher has embarked on several definitions, such as smooth track and smooth resemblance as well as creating specific processes and properties about that new concept.

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