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From the heritage of Imam Ali (a.s.)

University of Kufa/ Faculty of Education
Under the Auspices of the rector of Kufa University, Prof. Dr Muhsin al-Dhalimi,
Under the supervision of the dean of the Faculty of Education, Prof. Dr Ali Khdhayir Hejji,
and under the slogan ‘From the heritage of Imam Ali (a.s.), we inspire science and knowledge.’
And on the occasion of regarding the year 1440 AH as that of the Commander of Believers (a.s.)
The Educational and Psychological Counselling Committee holds a scientific symposium entitled “Educational and Psychological Counselling of Imam Ali (a.s.)” in which Prof. Abbas Noah al-Musawi, a lecturer at the faculty and a specialist in educational psychology, will deliver a lecture on Monday, 4/3/2019.
Location: Late Prof. Dr Basim Baqir Jrew’s Hall
Time: 11:00 a.m.
All are invited
Objectives of the Symposium:
A-Informing the participants about the scientific heritage of Imam Ali (a.s.).
B-Familiarizing participants with the features of Islamic psychological and educational counselling in the heritage of Imam Ali (a.s.).
C- Acquainting participants with the scientific principles of educational and psychological counselling exercised by Imam Ali (a.s.).
D-Letting participants know about the historical incidents that required solutions for educational and psychological problems where Imam Ali (a.s.) contributed to solve them.
Symposium Themes:
1-    The scientific method of Imam Ali (a.s.).
2-    Features of the psycho-educational heritage of the Commander of Believers (a.s.).
3-    Selections of historical incidents in which Imam Ali (a.s.) employed the rules and principles of educational and psychological counseling.

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