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The Six Thinking Caps

A Symposium at the Faculty of Education/ Kufa University about the Six Thinking Caps
     Faculty of Education/ Information Section … The Faculty of Education/ Kufa University has held a symposium about the Six Thinking Caps (STCs) attended by a number of civil servants, including a lecture delivered by Prof. Abbas Noah al-Musawi, in which he spoke about the concept of STCs and how to apply it in the discussions. Al-Musawi stressed that the STCs are the most important ways and means of developing creativity in the improvement of thinking. They were invented by doctor Edward de Bono who showed their most important characteristics and types and the most common thinking patterns of people: the neutral, emotional, passive, positive, creative and the directive. Also, he explained the most prominent uses  of STCs, especially in the field of education, media, judiciary, family and social relations.

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