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Educational Philosophies

Faculty of Education holds a symposium on educational philosophies and their role in curricula and teaching methods
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Within the framework of the philosophical bases  of curriculum designing, the Department of Quran Science at the Faculty of Education/ Kufa University has held a symposium on educational philosophies and their role in the curricula and teaching methods, attended by the teaching staff members of the department. The symposium aims to identify the philosophical bases of curriculum designing, educational philosophies, their sources, the most important philosophical principles and features on which these philosophies are based in curricula planning, as well as showing the view of each philosophy about knowledge, education and teaching and their role and reflections on study curricula. It included a lecture delivered by Dr. Ithar al-Mayyahi, in which she dealt with the Japanese educational philosophy as a sophisticated model in terms of management and educational policy. She explained the most important changes and reforms undertaken by Japan in the field of education in light of modern philosophy, as well as tackling the various types of educational philosophies and their most important applications.

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