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Al-Sultani’s New Publication

A new publication of a lecturer at the Faculty of Education entitled “Arabicized Words in Language and Quran” is issued
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … A new publication entitled “Arabicized Words in Language and the Holy Quran” has been issued for Prof. Dr Faris al-Sultani, head of the Dept of Quran Science at the Faculty of Education/ University of Kufa. Al-Sultani said that the book dealt with the phenomenon of the existence of the Arabicized in Arabic language as a general phenomenon in languages not devoid of extraneous words. He added that the book showed some of these words mentioned in the Holy Quran, such as Qustas, Istebreq and Sijjeel about which scholars were divided where a group of them accepted their existence in Quran, others rejected them while a group maintained neutrality. Al-Sultani noted that the book took into account the phenomenon of Arabicization in the Arab Homeland after the entry of new scientific terminology to the Arab reality and the efforts of linguistic academies in it.

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