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Psycho Development of Muslim Woman

Faculty of Education at Kufa University participates in the training workshop on the psychological development of Muslim woman
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Dr Kewakib al-Fadhili, a lecturer at the Faculty of Educatioin, has participated in the training workshop about the psychological development of Muslim woman which was held by the Department of Feminine Religious and Intellectual Affairs, an affiliate of the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali(a.s.). Al-Fadhili mentioned that the workshop continued for three days during which various lectures were delivered. She added that the first day witnessed presenting lectures showing Quran’s interest in the self, its types, its position in the spirit and body and self-cultivation as well as the rights and importance of the body. The lectures on the second day dealt with the art of time management for the working woman and the importance of its organization. The third day’s lectures touched on women and children’s nervousness, its causes and how to treat it.

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