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Evening Counselling Committee

The counselling committee of the evening study holds a meeting with 3rd stage students
    The counselling committee in the Dept of English has held a counselling meeting with the 3rd stage students. The meeting was presided by Dr Naima al-Asadi, the scientific assistant at the Faculty of Education, with the presence of the rapporteur of the Dept of English, lect. Wiam al-Khafaji. The meeting aimed to identify the main problems and obstacles encountered students in the first semester of the academic year (2018-2019).
It dealt with matters as increasing monthly exams’ time, involving evening students in the scientific activities of the morning classes, the weakness of some student services and considering students who have been demanded with additional last stage subjects. At the end of the meeting, the students thanked the deanery of the faculty, the presidency of the department and the lecturers for their efforts to fulfil the curricula required.
It’s noteworthy that the Dept of English is one of the scientific departments distinguished in organizing and participating in students’ activities, where it took part in the events of the Open Day and the developmental English language curricula course presented by the Canadian Pinnacle Teaching Solutions organization.

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