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Exams Phobia

Faculty of Education at Kufa University organizes an awareness- raising symposium on “Exams Phobia”
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Under the slogan ‘Readiness for exams is your way to success.’, the Department of Quran Science and Islamic Education at the Faculty of Education has organized a scientific symposium for the faculty’s students on examinations phobia. It comprised two lectures.  The first was delivered by Dr Ithar aL-Mayyahi in which she spoke about the psychological, mental and health readiness for the exams and the instructions needed to overcome the phenomenon of fear of exams and how to apply the organized reading to perform the best answer. She explained the concept of exam, the psychological, physical and behavioural symptoms of exam anxiety and the strategies of dealing with exam anxiety and how to get rid of it. Also, she discussed the appropriate method of good reading, time management and the manner of reading that leads to better performance. The second lecture was by Dr Kewakib aL-Fadhili who tackled the ways of excelling in exams performance showing the mechanism of preparation before and during an exam and how to answer questions whether they are direct, indirect, multifaceted or closed. She clarified the most important tips to solve theoretical material questions as well.

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