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Philosophy of the Half

Faculty of Education/ Kufa University holds a symposium entitled “Philosophy of the Half”
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … The Department of English at the Faculty of Education/ Kufa University has held a symposium entitled “Philosophy of the Half” attended by the dean of the faculty, Prof. Dr Ali Khdhayir Hejji, and a number of lecturers and students. In the symposium, Dr Mithal Medlool delivered a lecture about a philosophical saying that referred to thinking in many meanings of different and intertwined things whether they were cosmic phenomena, scientific issues, social problems, etc. She explained that the half-relationship in the interpretation of social problems had been dealt with in the literary field by some playwrights who had in one way or another dealt with the meaning of the half in their dramatic treatments. The symposium recommended the need to think deeply about the meaning and type of the half before making a decision and realizing the following truth “The cup can be refilled.”

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