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E-Quran for the Deaf and Dumb

Faculty of Education announces the completion of the E-Quran for the Deaf and Dumb
Faculty of Education/ Information Section … The deanery of the Faculty of Education at Kufa University has announced the completion of the electronic Quran for the deaf and dumb by a team chaired by Prof. Dr Nidhal al-Abadi and included student Haneen Alaa. Al-Abadi said that the project was designed in the Dept of Computer Science at the faculty and that the team managed to programme the Quran in accordance with the requirements of the deaf and dumb. He added that it is a unique work for an important section of society. It included teaching prayers according to different Islamic sects. Al-Abadi confirmed that the project was carried out experimentally on the deaf and dumb segment at Al-Amel Institute for the deaf and dumb in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf. The project achieved a great response and interaction among them and was approved by sign experts at the institute. In turn, the dean of the faculty, Prof. Dr Ali Khdhayir Hejji, praised all those who participated in the project pointing out that this magnificent achievement is added to the faculty’s.

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