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A Visit to a High School

Applied Field Visit of 4th Stage Students in the Dept of English to the High School of Distinguished Girls  in Al-Najaf
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … Under the supervision of the head of the Dept of English at the Faculty of Education, Asst Prof. Dr Wiam al-Bayati, an applied field visit of the 4th stage students has been organized to the High School of Distinguished Girls in Al-Najaf. Al-Bayati said that the visit witnessed acquainting students with different modern teaching methods in teaching the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing in teaching English as an important global language. She added that the visit was one of the department’s plans to prepare and qualify 4th stage students to the annual application period in the second semester. Al-Bayati praised the cooperation of the management of the school and their role in the success of the observation.

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