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The Basics of MATLAB

Dept of Computer Science holds a workshop entitled “Learning the Basics of the language of MATLAB”
Faculty of Education/ Information Section … The Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Education/ Kufa University has held a workshop entitled “Learning the Basics of the language of MATLAB”. It was attended by a number of lecturers and students. Asst Lect. Zahraa Faisal Hussain delivered a lecture in which she showed how to open the interface of MATLAB programme and how to write and bring out results. The Lecturer explained how to deal with images and matrices in the programme. She confirmed that the aim of the workshop is to enable students to take advantage of the programme in their graduation research projects. It’s noteworthy that the Department of Computer Science has made an annual plan including a number of workshops and symposiums allotted for clarifying the mechanism of using different programmes that students can benefit from in labour market after graduation.

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