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Activities of the Open Day

In the gardens of Kufa University, the Faculty of Education participates in the Activities of the Open Day
    Faculty of Education/ Information Section … In Kufa University Gardens, the Faculty of Education has participated in the Open Day Activities held by the University of Kufa under the slogan “Establishing the Relationship between the University and the Community” in cooperation with the Al-Ufuq Company for Travelling and Tourism. The activities witnessed a large public presence of high school students, Najafian families and different civil servants in the province. The activities aim at acquainting the attendance, especially students of the sixth preparatory classes, with the faculties and their departments and laboratories, and the nature of university life in order to encourage them to study hard, excel and achieve success. On this occasion, the Faculty of Education showed its educational message and main objectives and acquainted the audience with its five scientific departments and the most notable published works of its lecturers in addition to displaying plastic art works and handicrafts of the Dept of Art Education and defining posters of the Departments of English language, Computer Science, Mathematics and Quran Science.

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